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Liquidware ProfileUnity with VMware Horizon

This week I was introduced to a new product called ProfileUnity, from Liquidware. ProfileUnity is a middleware software just like VMware Persona Management or VMware UEM.

I know in the past I used persona management with VMware running on windows 7 but when I upgraded my environment to Windows 10. I moved away from persona management because I had some problems with getting users profiles to move and load on the linked clones and not have long log in times with creating profiles. I decided to move away from linked clones with roaming desktops to dedicated full clones. As everyone knows there is a problem with doing it this way, you have to manage machines all the time and patch all machines and update software on every desktop, and it becomes a management nightmare. Having linked clones in the environment makes management and support so much easier.

You update the master image and set all machines to rebuild upon logging off and the next time the user logs into the machine they get the latest and greatest image. If I knew what I know now about ProfileUnity, I would have never moved away from from linked clones.

I suggest that everyone that manage a VDI environment check this out.

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