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Cisco Hyperflex Came to the Show

So, anyone who has been reading my page knows about a month ago I installed and configured my very first Cisco Hyperflex clusters with Vmware 6.5. This was to replace old Dell storage and compute. I just wanted to give everyone an update on how is has been running and what I have heard from my business partners on the new gear.

What do I think about Cisco Hyperflex compared to the old san arrays and vsan cluster I have worked with in the past. I can only say three words about it. No I am not going to say I hate it...... I LOVE IT... Hyperflex saved my but last weekend when I made a mistake on the fabric interconnect and the default vlan was changed and all the host went offline while it tried to reroute through the default vlan and since the host could no longer talk to each other the cluster locked itself for protection of the data. Once I was able to get a TAC engineer and we started the cluster services all Virtual machines powered back on within 30 minutes and the business was back. With VSAN and a traditional san i would have at least lost multiple virtual machines and been praying that my backups are working and not alot of change since my last backup.

My coworkers are loving the fact that performance is so much better. We have been able to reduce servers because they when from using 40% compute to barely showing on the radar. Less servers means less management and maintenance. One person said why couldn't we have done this years ago. When you are able to see a major increase in performance without check anything on the virtual server and just moving it to newer and faster hardware. It is amazing on what you can see.

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