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Fear of the unknown

Good Morning everyone, A couple of weeks ago I posted something about change and how there are some people in IT who do not like change. I am starting to see why some people do not like change and its like they fear change.

I know your thinking to yourself what does this guy talking about people fear change

What do I mean by some people fear change because of the unknown and I am not just talking about that person and what they do not know but what others do not know about them. Lets take me for example, I am not an expert on anything, yes I know VMWare, storage, Microsoft operating systems, and a few other things but I am not by any means an expert on those things and you will never hear me say that. One thing I will never do or have is the fear of making a change and someone saying "What happen you said that nothing would happen." Why is this the cause, because I went into the change without of unknowns like, you didn't know who or what connected to your application or I was not around 20 years ago when the hardware was installed or I am know to this gear and configuration that I may have missed something.

I want to tell you, even experts on things have mistakes and its okay with having unknowns, why because after we make the change and something goes wrong because their wasn't a redundant network connection or server for the appilication to fail over to. Guess what now we take that information and document what went wrong, go back and add that additional connection or find a way to make a HA pair. We improve and move forward and not just have the fear of making the change because Johnny last week said his change wouldn't do anything but he took down the company so today's change might do the same thing.

So I will say it again, change is good, it is how we as humans learn and grow.

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