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Cisco Hyperflex with VMware

So, Just finished my upgrade from Stand alone Dell ESXi host with EqualLogic Storage to New Cisco USC Hyperflex nodes. All I can say this was an adventure.

I did a few rookie mistakes during this upgrade like not checking VMware Product Interoperability Matrices to see if the brand now VMware Vcenter 6.7 was compatible with Hyperflex. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about here is the weblink to the page and all VMware Admins should have it saved in their favorites, . Thank god Cisco had documentation on how to move your hyperflex nodes from one Vcenter to another. If you have have to do it go to the link here and it is under Moving the Storage Cluster from a Current vCenter Server to a New VCenter Server, .

After we rebuilt the VCenter over night and migrated the Hyperflex nodes over to the new vcenter everything seemed like it was going great until we went to install the AMD GPU into our VDI Hyperflex nodes. Of course, we go out to AMD sites and download their most recent drive that should work with ESXi 6.5 and Hyperflex and follow all the commands to install it and next thing you know if fails on reboot because we are using a 40 GB VIC and there was a bug in the install. Opened a Cisco TAC case and they provided up with the most recent driver install that AMD does not have posted on their site.

Over all it was an okay deployment and the new rack came out nice. What can I expect, I only can dream for a project and major face life like this complete without one your two speed bumps.

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