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Centralizing Management Tools

Over the pass few months, I have been working on centralizing our management tools from Helpdesk Ticketing system, change management, application monitor, windows patching and remote desktop support and finding products that will work together.

We decided to go the ManageEngine solution using at the moment SelfDesk Plus, Operation Manager, and Desktop Central. Here is the break down of why we decide to go down this path.

Lets start with Desktop Central, it is used for our remote management, asset management, windows and third party application patching, with integration into into servicedesk plus to allow for tickets to be linked to users assets. Desktop Central allows use to remote screen share with other computer throughout the company even if they are on or off the network. We are able to see all application that are installed on users machines and install not just windows patches but apply third party patches such as java, adobe, google, firefox and so much more.

Next is Operation Manager, aka OpMon, this tool is used to monitor all of our servers, services, websites. We went with Opmanager because it allows us to put in automated processes that allows us to restart a service if it fails and if it doesn't restart to generate a ticket automatically to the current group and create a ticket. I mean its the 21st centry who wants to have a NOC monitoring processes and calling someone if and when something breaks. Opmon just doesn't provide monitoring but it provides IP address managing, allows you to automatically back up switches configs, workflow mapping and so much more.

Now I saved the best for last, Service desk plus, what can I say this tool is so much more than just a helpdesk ticketing system. This application provides the ability to log helpdesk tickets, save solution on how to resolve problems, change management, Asset management, purchase order system, project management and contracts. What more could you as for in a tool for so much less than the competitors and it is the central link for all other applications that ManageEngine provides.

The next thing I will be looking into is AD360, so check back soon on this product.

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