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VMware Deployment of a life time

Soooooo for the last week I have been on a deployment to my companies home office to clean up the data center and upgrade the environment from old Dell servers that either had its own local storage or connected via iSCSI to a single storage array to a beautiful UCS Blade chassis and EMC SAN array and try to complete the complete upgrade within 4 days. I wonder what could have went wrong. Here are some do's and dont's to watch for.


Before scheduling plans to travel to another location for deployment, validate all the equipment has arrived and not stuck in customs somewhere.


Try to plan ahead for weather conditions that might delay your deployment time.


Before migrating production servers, place a test server on the new environment and validate it can communicate on all VLAN's within your virtual distributed switch.


Do not just assume that your sales engineer is completely correct that your current backup version will work with the upgrade platform.

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